You Can Do It All (But Not At Once)

“Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can.”

― Ashleigh Brilliant

It’s been months since I shared something here. Last I wrote, I was ending a 10-week fundraising campaign in honor of my father’s loss to cancer. In retrospect, that sums up the theme of my 2014. There were major upswings to counter some serious lows. It was the year I learned I can do anything to which I put my mind, but that I cannot make it all happen at once, no matter how badly I may have wanted or needed. It was a year of profound loss and challenges. It was also a year of giving from my heart. It was a year in which I grew more than any other year I can recall.

One thing I learned was when dealing with personal tragedy, I found healing by focusing on others. From this I reaped unexpected benefits in the richest ways. But, it meant putting a few personal goals on hold, especially when it came to running. With all good intentions to run fast spring races and a comeback fall marathon, I didn’t have the energy to do those plans justice.

Instead, I started a new job and stood by some incredible people as they achieved their goals. It wasn’t always easy to see the year slip away knowing I didn’t have to power to force everything into place. Seems we all get a turn – and this past year was mine for certain things, and not others. That’s certainly okay. As painful as it was to step aside from the Chicago Marathon in October, it was the kindest thing I did for myself. I wasn’t prepared; I wasn’t fit – emotionally and physically – to demand that much of myself. But, I got to watch Bridget run her first marathon there, and that was priceless.

So, instead of bursting into 2015 with all of my unfinished business, I am easing into the year by being present, awake, and open to its possibilities. Perhaps that will mean some new running goals. Perhaps it will mean simply knowing when to launch into action and when to step aside and take a breath, knowing that all good things come in time.

Wishing you an upcoming year of health, happiness, and dreams that come to fruition.

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