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4 Comments on “Contact Me”

  1. Hey Captain!
    Just was thinking of you. How is training going?
    How’s everything going?

    Next Thursday, would you come as my guest to my seminar called Excellence: In the Zone?


  2. L! What a treat – it has been some time since our last catch up and run chat ; too long but I’ve loved catching up on your adventures in the new blog.

    Easy to read, great pics and messages to match your impressive progression.

    I hope you BQ in NYCM but most of all have a great journey on the way and arrive at the start line happy and healthy.

    Happy running, keep kicking’ ass

    Yours sincerely fellow ninja


  3. Take it very easy this week even if you feeling fully recovered from Chicago marathon. See you at the races (I am not doing NYC) 71 x sub 3 hour marathon runner & coach Mark Kleanthous

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