My Dad


On February 18, 2014, my father, Roger, lost his battle to Multiple Myeloma. He was gone six months after his diagnosis, despite immediate and aggressive treatment.

He was a staunchly private person. He never spoke about his cancer to anyone but immediate family and one or two lifelong friends. Being public about my father’s cancer feels somewhat like a betrayal; but I cannot be silent about how devastating it was to helplessly watch a loved one die from a horrible disease such as this.

My dad was forced to live far outside his comfort zone, without choice, thanks to cancer. In his memory, I am voluntarily forcing myself outside of mine, to fight for a cure.

I committed to running for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year from a complicated place of love and loss. This campaign is fueled by a raw and present state of grief.

No one should have to fight with all their might, yet still lose their life to cancer. Roger

From March 27 – June 5, I am rising to the challenge to raise as much money as possible to fund critical research that will help find a cure cancer. This is for my dad, for your fathers, mothers, siblings, loved ones, friends, mentors, neighbors…possibly even you.

No one is unaffected by cancer.

#CancerDontCare. We do.

Join me in the fight.

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