18 Miles: A Celebration

Age 5
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“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

Joseph Campbell


This Saturday is my birthday. Being a glossy Leo, it easily remains one of my favorite days of the year. That may seem childish for a full-fledged adult; but it’s this outlook that enables me to embrace my age as it ticks onward and upward. While I offer a respectful nod to the years that brought me thus far, it seems more appropriate to toast the year that will be.

It’s fair to say I’m a girl (woman, really) with hopes of achieving some big goals. I sense some changes on the horizon, whose potential is very exciting. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing change and personal evolution don’t cease at a certain age. If anything, experience assures me the things I wish to achieve needn’t remain optimistic dreams. Those aspirations are within my reach; I just need to work hard to realize them.

Age…not 5
Photo license: © All rights reserved

I’m closer to 40 now than 20. I consider that a good thing. I like who I am – there’s a comfort in having skin that fits just a bit better these days. There’s a strength in placing less significance on other people’s opinions of me, and more value in my own feelings. It may have taken me a while to reach this point, but I’m happy to finally be here. It’s not to say that journey’s done; it’s not. But I credit running as the enabler to discovering my own strength. It’s afforded me time alone with my thoughts, goals, and resolve; and it’s brought me to a wonderful place.

Tomorrow I’ll wake early to give myself a gift. I’ll run 18 miles on August 18, as I turn 18 x 2. As I go, I’ll think of the city streets as the path to this year’s potential. It may be a day of celebration, but training also continues. With a determined eye focused on Boston, and the comfort of miles beneath my feet, this is one year worthy of vivid dreams turned reality.


11 Comments on “18 Miles: A Celebration”

  1. Happy Birthday! running 18 on the 18th sounds like an awesome way to start the day… you may have just inspired me to do 8on the 8th for my bday next month 😉

  2. You’re such an eloquent and beautiful writer. I look forward to each new blog post. Happy Birthday Lora!!! 18 miles on the 18th on your 18th x 2 birthday. I love this! All very significant numbers in the Jewish religion. 18=chai=life. 36=double chai. I think today is a perfect day! Hope you enjoy all of it and celebrate. You deserve it. Happy Birthday again!

    • Thanks very much for the compliment and for the birthday wishes, Beth! Really appreciate it! Yes, my brother was telling me about the significance of the number 18 yesterday. Love that!

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