NYC Marathon Training: Week 11

NY Flyers 3 Bridges Run

Week eleven brought September to a close in the most fantastic way. It was an incredible week in which I met or exceeded training paces for all three running workouts. That’s a first for this training cycle. I’m encouraged to see evidence of progress. I feel more capable on my long runs lately. Sure the cooler temperatures are helping. More than that, however, is a feeling of confidence that’s worked its way into my brain. I quite like it: now need to preserve and strengthen that feeling over the next few weeks. Logged 145 miles for the month.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Intervals. Racing the 5th Avenue Mile gave me new perspective on intervals. Realized I’m more capable to push pace lower than I did previously. This session helped solidify that. Actually considered this a fun workout: a first! Felt great after this session.

  • Total =  6.33 mi – 49.21 – 7:48 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 1000 m, 2000 m, 1000 m, 1000 m (400 m RI); (1000 m = 6:52 min/mi; 2000 m = 7:08 min/mi)
  • Actual splits = (1) 6:43; (2) 7:05; (3) 6:53; (4) 6:45

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Tempo run. Legs felt refreshed after extra rest day, and it showed in my pace. Noticed on this run that left shin is finally feeling better and right piriformis has been cooperative lately. No complaints about aches and pains of the past few weeks subsiding.

  • Total = 7.01 mi – 57:33 – 8:13 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 5 mi @ 8:23 min/mi (Marathon Pace)
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:03; (2) 8:01; (3) 8:07; (4) 8:05; (5) 7:51

Friday: Cross-training. Spin for 45 minutes. Sadly, no class with Emily as I needed to switch days this week. The instructor focused on core work, which I liked. However, arm routine was a bit light for my taste. Need a good dose of Emily’s arm series!

Saturday: Rest day. Spent much of the evening standing on the Great Lawn in Central Park for the Global Festival concert. Good for the legs before a long run?

Sunday: Long run. NY Flyers 3 Bridges Run. NY Flyers organized a fantastic 20-mile run complete with fluid stations and pace groups. The course went from the upper east side (Jack Rabbit on 85th & Lexington) west through Central Park, down the west side highway path to Chambers Street, east to and across Brooklyn Bridge, through Brooklyn and over Pulaski Bridge into Queens, across Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan, back into Central Park and ending at Jack Rabbit.

Ran with Jess and Gia, whose lovely company and conversation made the miles fly. Body felt good on this run despite not eating or hydrating properly the evening before. Also only got 5 hours of sleep. Ran with 9 min/mi pace group, which seemed to go a tad faster than planned. But overall, pace felt decent and manageable. Elated to finish this run feeling strong!

Note: Garmin didn’t have GPS signal first few minutes of run (See: “Total”). However, we compared results to another runner’s watch which showed total mileage of 20.4 mi at 3:00 even (See: “Actual”).

  • Total =  19.96 mi – 2:55:07 – 8:46 min/mi avg pace (Garmin stats)
  • Plan =  20 mi @ 8:53 min/mi
  • Actual = 20.4 mi – 3:00 – 8:49 min/mi

For fun, here’s a before and after photo of the three of us. I honestly don’t see much difference between the two! Do you?

With Jess & Gia: Before 20 Miles

With Jess & Gia: After 20 Miles

(Thanks to Gia & Jess for sharing the photos!)

Total weekly mileage: 33.74 miles

See all weekly training recaps here.


6 Comments on “NYC Marathon Training: Week 11”

    • Ha! Thanks, Courtney! I think it’s the funniest before & after because honestly, they seem like they’re taken minutes apart. 🙂 Was definitely a good training week.

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