NYC Marathon Training: Week 12

Week twelve was an excellent running week. Some faster paced runs are making training fall into place. This was the second to last long run before taper. Over all, my body is feeling good with the mileage and the pace.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Intervals. Running commute in the form of mile repeats to get to Body Conceptions by Mahri class at Lolë Showtique. Interval pace felt manageable! Body felt great – no noticeable aches or pains.

  • Total = 6.01 mi – 46:38 – 7:48 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 3 x 1600 m @ 7:04 min/mi
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:01; (2) 7:03; (3) 6:53

Cross-training. Body Conceptions by Mahri for one hour. Mahri’s workout featured a lot of core work and glute strengthening. Participated in this class immediately after finishing my interval run. Some of the leg exercises and lunges had my quads screaming (in a good way). Since she incorporates a lot of stretching and lengthening moves, my legs actually felt looser by the end of class than before. Great way to compliment my marathon training and fun to switch up my workout schedule.

Wednesday: Cross-training. Spin class for 45 minutes. Good class focused on high-resistance training. Legs felt a bit tired after Tuesday’s double workout and a full morning on my feet. But, didn’t stop me from pushing through class.

Chi Running class for one hour. Evening session focused on hip rotation and lower leg lift.

Thursday: Tempo run. Was supposed to be at marathon pace (8:23 min/mi) but I wanted to push the pace up a bit. Range in mind was 8:10-8:20 min/mi. Took off a bit fast (must’ve been feeling good) but eventually reined pace in at the low 8s. Mile 6 was running across town on the street – so had to contend with people and traffic. Miles 7-8 were on the Brooklyn Bridge: also crowded. Still managed to plow through the congestion and maintain a decent pace.

Worked on opening hip rotation, which actually eased the work load on my legs. Need to keep practicing that.

Rained for a very short time. Mostly the run was overcast, mild, and humid. Made for a sweaty outing. Overall, though, thoroughly enjoyed this run.

  • Total =  10.00 mi – 1:19:58 – 8:00 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 10 mi @ 8:23 (marathon pace)
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:44; (2) 7:44; (3) 7:58; (4) 8:00; (5) 7:57; (6) 8:11; (7) 8:09; (8) 8:01; (9) 8:07; (10) 8:08

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: Long run. Ran 15 miles with Jess and we both decided to push the pace a bit. Weather was cool, which was great for cranking out the quicker miles. First time in a while I’ve run in long sleeves and light weight gloves! Kept the route relatively flat. The entire run was on that verge of controlled but pushing that I like. I call it “comfortably uncomfortable.”

Worked on form. Was pleased to keep my hip swing open, which also opened my stride. This meant being able to pace quickly without taxing my legs as much. Much easier on my quads and calves. Good test run for race day!

  • Total = 15.01 mi – 2:01:32 – 8:05 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 15 mi @ 8:38 min/mi
  • Actual = 15.01 mi – 8:05 min/mi

Total weekly mileage: 31.02 miles

See all weekly training recaps here.


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