Tapering With Gratitude

“Rest and be thankful.”

William Wordsworth


With the longest training runs behind me, taper is in full effect. It’s now just over a week until race day. The past week’s been full of emotions that undulate much like the NYC Marathon course. One moment is electrified by nerves and a tightening of the gut; the next is euphoric. As I flow with it all, underneath is a steady mood of peacefulness and gratitude. I am feeling strong, and for this I am grateful.

I’m aware of this journey’s impending conclusion. It’s been a lesson in self-discovery and empowerment, disguised as miles. I’m thankful to have run many of those miles with some fantastic people. To those whose company and unwavering support I’ve been fortunate to share: I appreciate you and your extraordinary dedication to your goals. You are the embodiment of inspiration.

In this culminating moment, I’m enjoying the dichotomy of excitement and calm. It’s a wonderful and rare place to be. I’m staying present and taking in each little detail.

Like many marathoners, I’m captivated by this video. It brings forth memories of last year’s race, recent training runs along the course, and the promise of what November 4 will hold.

8 Comments on “Tapering With Gratitude”

  1. Have a great Marathon, Lora! I’ve throughly enjoyed your posts and pics over the past year! You are both a running and creative inspiration!

    • Thanks so much, Willy! I really appreciate the kind words. Hmm…what will I have to write about after NYCM?! I’ll have to figure out the next adventure 🙂

  2. As November 4 approaches and the excitement – and anxiety – builds, this provides such important insight. Thank you for sharing. And, best of luck with your run! See you along the course!

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