Post-Marathon/Injury Recovery: Week Two

Reflection Of An Injury
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Week two marked my return to working out post-stress fracture. Did various cross-training, all without impact to my foot. What’s good: had some excellent and challenging workouts. What’s bad: I really, truly miss running! Back to the doctor on Wednesday, Nov 28, for a follow-up exam. Hoping for decent news, recovery-wise.

Monday: Pilates for 60 minutes. My first Pilates class. Instructor focused on core, legs. Felt good to do a workout after a week off. One benefit was most moves didn’t require any weight on my foot. However, missed the endorphin rush of a cardio workout.

Deep Water Running for 45 minutes. First deep water running class and am thankful for this instructor! Class began with a warmup, focusing on four running forms: power walking, flat surface running, uphill, and downhill. After warmups, we did cadence drills – increasing cadence for each form every 15 seconds. Next followed core work. And finally, running drills where we actually got to do sprints within swim lanes.

This was a much harder workout than imagined. Felt like the effort needed to run intervals for 45 minutes but with full body resistance. Must keep every muscle group engaged lest you start drifting around the pool. Easily helps identify muscle imbalances, and requires constant core work to stay upright.

Hope this class helps me maintain conditioning from fall marathon training. Believe I’ll keep incorporating this workout even after my stress fracture is healed.

Tuesday: Body Conceptions by Mahri for 60 minutes. Private session tailored to target arms, shoulders, core, and legs without impact to injured foot. Body Conceptions workouts are about body lengthening and sculpting using dynamic movement and muscle exhaustion. Happy to feel some muscle burn again – especially in abs and glutes. Best part? Mahri’s company for an hour!

Wednesday: Deep Water Running for 45 minutes. Followed same general format as Monday’s class. Held in a different facility that had a warmer, salt water pool. Sprints solely focused on uphill running today.

Thursday: Rest day. Thanksgiving.

Friday: Stationary bike for 60 minutes. Rode 24.2 miles, pain-free. That’s a plus! Also got to wear matching shoes for the first time since Nov 11. Another happy moment. Rode moderate resistance at the upper end of “endurance” range. Didn’t want to immediately throw too much resistance on the bike until I could assess how my right foot felt. Threw in 3 x 20 seated pushups against the handlebars.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: Stationary bike for 40 minutes. Rode 15.8 miles, again pain-free. Shorter workout today, but higher resistance.

Core work for 10 minutes, styled after some moves I learned in Mahri’s Body Conceptions class.

Weekly Totals: 5 hrs 20 mins; 40 miles on stationary bike.

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5 Comments on “Post-Marathon/Injury Recovery: Week Two”

  1. excellent workouts this week! I did deep water running as a prep for the NY Marathon back in 2009 and it was amazing! I actually replaced one of my 5-6 mile weekly runs with DWR and did not lose ANY cardio running fitness at all. I’m also excited that you are biking pain-free! BONUS!! You’ll be back in no time!! Way to exercise smart and let your foot heal. xo

    • Thanks, Gina! The DWR is definitely the toughest workout I’m doing at the moment…and I love it! It’s something I believe I’ll keep doing even after returning to running. On my to-do list once I’m healed is to also buy a real bike 🙂 If anything, this injury’s showed just how running dependent I am. While it’s my favorite outlet, I can see I need to incorporate more into my routine to keep myself healthy 🙂 xx

  2. You know…most people rest when they get injured…I feel like a bum now and I wasn’t even injured. DWR sounds awesome and lord knows I love Pilates…sounds like you won’t miss a beat once your foot is healed. Way to stick with it.

    • Was afraid too much time off would make a return to running harder in the end. So, am definitely being cautious … but am still making sure to keep up with cardio & strength training where I can. Hard balancing what’s good for the foot and what’s good for the mind! Miss those running endorphins.

  3. You are an inspiration. Injuries always hold me back. I’m glad that you are fighting through it. Way to go.

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