2012 By The Numbers

Emerald Nuts Midnight RunPhoto license: © All rights reserved

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run
Photo license: © All rights reserved

Running without my Garmin’s nearly unimaginable. That being said, my Garmin obsession pays off at the close of each year. After ringing in 2013 with the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, there’s now some run data to be analyzed! Since I only started running in 2009, I still get a massive kick out of seeing my progression year-to-year. Below is nothing serious, just a few numbers from my 2012 running journey.

Happy New Year!

Total 2012 Mileage: 1134 miles

I’m aware many long distance runners log significantly more miles than I do. Still, I’m pleased to see I ran 244.35 miles more in 2012 than I did in 2011. That’s taking into account two injuries that each required several weeks’ rest from running. With the Eugene Marathon approaching in April, I’m looking forward to running even more this year. What’s clear is staying injury-free will be my top priority.

Average Running Speed: 7.1 miles/hour

Though I’ve been acutely focused on training and race paces, I never really thought about it in terms of miles/hour. Thanks, Garmin Connect, for that fun fact. After comparing 2011 and 2012, it seems I actually increased my average running speed by one mile/hour. Huh.

Marathon Training: New Jersey Marathon – May and NYC/Pensacola Marathon – November

2012 was the first year I’d completed two marathon training cycles within a 12-month period.

  • NJ Marathon Training: 461.43 miles logged
  • NJ Marathon Time: 3:53:44
  • NYCM/Pensacola Marathon Training: 522.08 miles logged
  • Pensacola Marathon Time: 3:48:39

It was fantastic to have two progressively faster marathons this year. Both were challenging races. New Jersey Marathon was an “experiment” in which I knowingly went out too fast and blew up part way through the course. Still, I landed a 27-minute PR there. On the other hand, I executed my race-pace very well at Pensacola Marathon. On target for a 3:35, I wound up with a 3:48 after a stress fracture erupted at mile 20. Despite the 5-minute PR, I believe I’m more thankful to have finished the race at all given the circumstances.

2012 PRs: Setting the benchmark to beat in 2013!

  • Marathon – 3:48:39  (Pensacola)
  • Half Marathon – 1:45:03  (Philly RnR Half)
  • Mile – 6:38  (5th Ave Mile)

9 Comments on “2012 By The Numbers”

  1. Great post! I don’t have any way of tracking! I barely used my Garmin for NJ Marathon training (a lot was on treadmill). I didn’t start using Daily Mile until May so I don’t have any idea how many miles i ran in 2012. Oh well! You had an amazing year 🙂 Looking forward to an even better 2013.

    • Thanks, Ashley! LOL…I got a Garmin as soon as I was able to run 3-4 consecutive miles. It’s been a slippery slope of run data since 😉 Looking forward to logging lots of miles with you this year!

    • Thanks, Dominick! Funny thing is it never feels like that many miles – until I see the totals. I actually find it great for perspective: when nearing the end of marathon training and before race day, I look to see my total training mileage for that race. Suddenly running 26.2 miles feels a lot less daunting when I think of running 400-500+ miles in training. 🙂

  2. I’m a numbers nerd so I have spreadsheets and Gdocs and Garmin stats and DM to geek out over 🙂 I also generally run many of the same races from year to year so I love comparing stats, analyzing data, and planning on how to improve. Oh, did I mention I’m a numbers nerd? 😉

    Wow, you had a GREAT year! I’m really excited to follow along with you as you train for Eugene. 2012 really helped mold you into the runner you are today, and that coupled with your drive & determination will undoubtedly land you a BQ in 2013. You go girl! Run fast, run strong, BQ!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Melissa! We can always spend some time bonding over running stats! I’m looking forward to what 2013 holds, running-wise, and I wish you a fantastic & strong year as well! xo

    • It really is amazing, isn’t it? I never realize quite how much we all run while training, etc. The body is capable of so much! Congrats to you, as well! We both overcame injury, etc this year. Stronger, better! xo

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