Eugene Marathon Base Building: Week Four

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week four is the last base building recap for a while! It was a relatively slow workout week, which I decided to keep easy. By the time Friday arrived, I actually felt a bit tired and worn. Decided to rest in preparation for Sunday’s 10-miler which turned out to be a good decision. That run felt great. Monday, 1/14, officially starts Eugene Marathon training!

Monday: Rest Day.

TuesdayPersonal Trainer Session for 90 minutes. Went to outdoor track for benchmark time trial. First speed work since late October. Ran several laps at 80% effort. In between, I did some x-training (plank, single leg squats, plyometrics jumps on picnic bench/table) or ran slow recovery lap. Single laps at 80%, then two continuous laps at 80%, final lap at 90% with all out effort at the end.

She pointed out some helpful form corrections while I ran. Relaxed fists, shoulders, face. Forward lean from ankles, core in, push from glutes.

End of final lap clocked in at equivalent of 6:32 min/mi. Though I felt rusty, that was a much better outcome than I anticipated.

After, went to gym to do leg work. Single leg presses on weight machine in sets of 10. Double leg presses at up to 90 lbs in sets of 10. Calf presses in sets of 12 (no additional weight).

Foam roll pre-session and stretching by trainer at end.

Wednesday:  Run. Ran 6.5 miles with Erica on a beautiful 50-degree January evening. Kept pace easy and comfortable. No soreness after yesterday’s time trial and strength training. Un-timed run, but pace felt to be ~ 9 min/mi. Foam rolling before and after.

Thursday: TRX at home for 30 minutes. Exercises focused on core/glutes.

  • Squats (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Squats into overhead arm raise (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Single leg squats (1 min, 2 min sets – each leg)
  • Y-pulls (shoulders) and overhead arm raises (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Standing row out (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Kneeling row out (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Suspended pikes (5 count, 6 count)
  • Sit ups with suspended feet (1 min, 2 min sets)
  • Saw plank w/ crunches (1 min, 2 min sets)

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Rest day. 

Sunday: Run. NYC Runs Central Park 10-Miler.

  • 10.14 mi – 1:25:44 – 8:27 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits: (1) 9:05; (2) 8:27; (3) 8:17; (4) 8:41; (5) 8:20; (6) 8:24; (7) 8:34; (8) 8:24; (9) 8:23; (10) 8:09; (11) 7:25 for .14 mi

Weekly Totals:

  •  4 hrs 24 mins
  •  16.5 miles running

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