Eugene Marathon Training: Week Ten

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week ten had some amazing runs and some “okay” runs but they all served their purpose in training. Especially the 13.1 New York half marathon as training run. That one was a prime lesson in just how the mind can will the body to keep moving in a less-than-ideal state. Overall, came out of the week feeling great. Looking ahead to next weekend’s 20-miler!

Monday: Foam Roll and Stretch for 30 minutes. 

Tuesday: Bari BOUNCE for 60 minutes. Melinda led a fantastic workout with cardio, strength training using resistance bands and dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, and sculpting moves. Full-body and sweaty. Love how the trampoline requires core to be engaged.

Run. Second workout of day was a fantastic goal marathon pace tempo run. Weather turned from snow and rain, to sunny and 40. Ran in shorts! Did 5-mile loop then went on bridle path for some really fun puddle jumping. Muddy run. Pacing was all over the place. Price of having fun.

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 2 mi warmup; 6 mi @ 8:10; 1 mi cool down
  • Actual = 9.03 mi – 1:11:47 – 7:56 min/mi
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:55; (2) 8:09; (3) 7:44; (4) 7:54; (5) 7:47; (6) 7:47; (7) 7:57; (8) 7:46; (9) 8:30

Wednesday: Rest Day. Double workout on Tuesday meant rest day on Wednesday.

Thursday: Run. Meant to be an 8-mile run, but called it a day at 6 miles. Made it farther than expected considering I felt blah from mile 1. Body was fine, legs a little tired, but mentally wasn’t digging it. Knew in first few minutes it would be a slog.

My runs have been feeling great lately, so realize I was due for an “eh” run. Happens. Better runs to follow…and Eugene will still be mine!

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 8 mi easy
  • Actual = 6.01 mi – 50:11 – 8:20 min/mi
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:26; (2) 8:28; (3) 8:16; (4) 8:13; (5) 8:13; (6) 8:29

Friday: Run. Ran remaining two miles from Thursday’s workout as shakeout. A day can make a huge difference. Felt fantastic!

Quick run along bridle path. Had to smile at runner dude who said, “You’re tough, braving the cold like that [in shorts]!” Was perfect shorts weather!

  • Plan = 2 mi shakeout
  • Actual = 2.11 mi – 16:31 – 7:49 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:56; (2) 7:42

Saturday: Run. Ran Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 New York Half Marathon in Queens as goal marathon pace training run. Details still to follow in race recap. On-course conditions were rough: uneven running surfaces (potholes, puddles, mud, routed over curbs and through sopping wet grass), lots of turns, 26 mph headwinds for miles at a time without reprieve.

Struggled mentally by mile 3 – just wasn’t enjoying the run at all. Thankful to have had Jess with me the whole way. Managed to push through and maintain decent pace (minus two water table breaks in later miles).

Glad that’s over.

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 13.1 mi @ 8:10 min/mi pace
  • Actual – 13.35 mi – 1:46:10 – 7:57 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:13; (2) 7:50; (3) 7:44; (4) 7:44; (5) 7:51; (6) 8:01; (7) 7:56; (8) 8:02; (9) 8:09; (10) 7:54; (11) 8:01; (12) 8:26; (13) 7:45; (14) 7:15 (for .35 mi)

Foam Roll and Stretch for 30 minutes.

Sunday: Rest Day. Lots of walking around the city. Legs felt relaxed. Foam rolling paid off.

Weekly Totals:

  •    5 hrs 04 mins
  •    30.50 miles running

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5 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Ten”

  1. I didn’t realize you were at the 13.1All State Race. I was there too! Would have been great to see you!. Your times are looking really strong. You got this.

    • I was! I wish it had been nicer weather – would have been fun to all hang out after. Was so cold and tired by the time we finished that I just turned around and went home! How’d it go? I thought it was rough going – that course and wind! OMG

      • I was only running it as a long run, so wasn’t too worried about my time or anything. I was freezing by the time it finished – that wind was brutal!

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