Eugene Marathon Training: Week Thirteen

ESD team with Deena Kastor Rachel, Jen, Ashley, Erica, Deena, Me Photo credit: Erica Sara Designs

ESD team with Deena Kastor!
Rachel, Jen, Ashley, Erica, Deena, Me
Photo credit: Erica Sara Designs

Week thirteen was what I dubbed “Hell Week” in terms of balancing work, personal and training schedules. For work, Erica Sara Designs took on our first major race expo with the More-Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. It was amazing! Meant being on my feet Friday and Saturday for 7-8 hours. With my last long training run (22 miles) on tap Saturday, I shifted it to Tuesday. Wanted to run it feeling well and have it done before the expo. Wasn’t able to motivate early on Thursday morning to run an easy 5-miler. Skipped that workout, and believe it’s the only running workout I’ve missed this training cycle, thus far. Ran at 6AM on Sunday morning to finish in time to cheer on the More-Fitness half runners! Was a busy, manageable, and rewarding week.

Monday: Foam Roll and Stretch for 30 minutes.

Tuesday: Run. Last long training run until Eugene Marathon! What timing the warmer (hot, for long distance running) weather had. Near 70F at the start and felt it immediately. Body wasn’t quite ready for that increase in temp yet.

Thankfully, Jess was with me for 20 of 22 miles. No doubt we’ve got amazing running chemistry.

Run was meant to have a marathon-pace tempo workout built into it. So would be: 14 miles easy, 3 x 15 min GMP tempo intervals with 3-minute jog between, 2 miles easy.

At 14 miles, was already searching for a second water refill opportunity. Legs were already feeling the work and heat.

Between strong headwinds and the temp, decided to forgo intervals. Effort level was already there. And, Jess and I did hit several stretches where we paced at 8:10 min/mi.

More than anything, wanted to complete this run feeling strong, rather than depleted. Was good practice pushing through fatigue.

Unfortunately, the entire 22 miles were recorded as a warmup on my Garmin. Have no mile split data to share. However, the lack of beeping each mile helped the run go by without me obsessing on pace/remaining distance. Score!

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 22 mi = 14 mi easy; 3 x 15 min @ 8:10 w/ 3 min RI; 2 mi easy
  • Actual = 22.03 mi – 3:10:35 – 8:38 min/mi avg pace

Wednesday: Rest Day.

Thursday: Rest Day. Missed 5-mile easy run.

Friday: Work. Race expo.

Saturday: Work. Race expo…in compression tights. 

Sunday: Run. After two days of standing, my hamstrings felt tight. Kept feeling a spasm in my inner, left thigh. Could feel a knot there. Rolled it out to release it.

Hamstrings were tight. First mile or two felt as if I hadn’t run in three weeks, not a few days. Legs loosened up after two miles and finished feeling better than the start. Beautiful 6AM sunrise run.

Also, first run in race-day shoes (Saucony Ride 5).

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 7 mi easy
  • Actual = 7 mi – 58:03 – 8:17 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual = (1) 8:36; (2) 8:19; (3) 8:10; (4) 8:12; (5) 8:17; (6) 8:14; (7) 8:09

Foam Roll and Stretch for 30 minutes.

Weekly Totals:

  •    5 hrs 08 mins
  •    29.03 miles running

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4 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Thirteen”

  1. I really should have worn compression sleeves! It was crazy how tight my calves felt by the end of Saturday. Two days must have been tough!

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