Feet, Meet Flats!

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

This past Sunday, I did a tour de running shops. Mission: test various racing flats. It’s what we runners call “due diligence,” right? Except it’s way more fun, akin to opening loads of birthday presents. After some interesting conversation and a few test runs, I’ve chosen my first flats!

Without further ado, meet the Contenders:

Asics GEL-NoosaFAST


Weight: 5.3 oz

Pro: Decent fit in upper and toe box. Sufficient support for comfortable foot strike.

Con: Padding in heel counter rubbed uncomfortably on test run.

Mizuno Wave Musha 5


Weight: 6.3 oz

Pro: Fit of upper and toe box was great.

Con: Heel was too roomy, slipping noticeably on the run.

Mizuno Wave Ronin 5


Weight: 6 oz

Pro: Quick try-on at the store, but wasn’t in a position to test-run them at the time.

Con: ? Hard to say without testing them out.

New Balance 1600


Weight: 5 oz

Pro: Comfortable, narrow cut fit well throughout shoe. Most minimal feeling model I tried.

Con: Not enough support during test run. Video analysis confirmed these offered less support than other models tested.

Nike Flyknit Lunar1


Weight: 5.7 oz

Pro: Breathable upper felt airy and light. (Unfortunately, could only try on in half size up.)

Con: No store I visited had my size in stock.

Nike LunaRacer 3


Weight: 5.1 oz

Pro: ?

Con: The shoe Coach recommended, I wasn’t even able to test. Only one store I visited stocked this model, and they didn’t have my size.

Saucony Type A5


Weight: 5.2 oz

Pro: Familiar upper construction, comparable to Kinvaras. Comfortable fit. Firm sole and sufficient support, confirmed with video analysis.

Con: None noted.

The Winner – Saucony Type A5!

sauconyMy goal was to test all shoes with an open mind, and select the best fitting/feeling model. Taking several on test runs made for easy comparison. Each shoe had slight differences. Thankfully, choosing the best-feeling shoe for me was a snap.

The Type A5 has familiar construction and a similar fit to the Kinvara. The shoe’s lighter weight and firmer sole offer adequate support while providing a good feel during foot strike.

It seems my Saucony brand loyalty continues! Between the Ride and Kinvara, their line’s done well by me in the last round of marathon training. Hopefully this trend continues as I train for Chicago Marathon!

I’m looking forward to testing these further during short speed sessions, to start. Saucony Type A5, welcome to the family! #findyourstrong

13 Comments on “Feet, Meet Flats!”

    • That’s awesome to hear! I’m looking forward to seeing how they feel during training. It’s amazing how each shoe feels slightly different. 🙂

  1. I’m not surprised you ended up with the Type A5. Thanks for checking for my size, btw! Keep me posted on how you like them after more miles on them & hopefully I’ll find myself a pair soon!

    • Hoping they work out well for me. They felt so comfortable, and very close to the Kinvara that I hope the transition into them is quick. Will definitely report back once I start using them! x

  2. Nice choice! Wore them this morning for 800 repeats and wearing them this weekend for a 5k race. Hope you continue to like them!

    • Thanks!! So excited to try them out! Figured the A5 would be the easiest transition to a flat since it was so similar to the fit of the Kinvara.

    • I will keep an eye out for those. Have heard good things about them, too. So hard to find all these types of shoes in one place to try on. Cheers to fastness, indeed! x

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