Runner’s World-Mizuno Mezamashii Run Contest

Photo :: Mizuno USA

Run long enough, you’re bound to experience it: Mezamashii. What is that, exactly? The word itself – Mezamashii – means “eye-opening” or “brilliant.” But, in the more soulful sense, it’s the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run.

Contest Details


Have you had that Mezamashii run? Show us!

Runner’s World and Mizuno want to see your Mezamashii running moments. The theme is “Your Brilliant Run.” Achieve your most brilliant runs, and while you’re at it, inspire others to do the same.

Document your incredible, inspiring, blissful runs and share them. Capture the moment with a photo or video, and upload it on Twitter, Instagram or Vine. Use the hashtag #mezamashiirun

“Mizuno is constantly searching to find more sensational, energized, mezamashii running. And now you can help by showing them what mezamashii running means to you. The next time you go on one of these incredible runs, take a picture and upload it to Twitter or Instagram. Or if you’d rather, you can upload a video to Vine. Just use the hashtag #mezamashiirun. A few lucky winners will get flown out to New York to meet the Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World, Bart Yasso. So start snapping those pictures. And keep searching for mezamashii.”

Your mezamashii moment just may earn you a private training run with the lovely (I’m a fan!) Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World – and more!

Official contest instructions, prizes, rules & regulations are here. The contest runs from today – Wednesday, July 3, 2013 – until Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 11:59 PM ET.

Enjoy, and good luck!

Mezamashii Run Project

Photo :: Mizuno USA

Want to learn more about the Mezamashii Run Project? Head on over to the Mezamashii Home. And, be sure to check out the “What is Mezamashii?” video. I adore it. Especially because it features Michele.

“Not all runs are created equal. There are some runs that are special. The kind where you feel like you could go on forever. Your legs are stronger, your breathing is lighter and your entire body is working in perfect unison. We call this mezamashii running. And there is no other run like it.

Unfortunately, a run like this cannot be planned. It can appear anywhere, anytime. All you can do is go out day after day and keep searching. Which is why we created the Mezamashii Run Project. A community that supports the world’s most passionate runners on their quest for more mezamashii running.”

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