Return To Running: Week Four

2014-01-04 12.46.34-2

Week four was another week of juggling workouts; but, happy to see my runs gradually getting longer. Still pain-free!


Rest Day. (Scheduled: 30-min run)

Was not able to get my run in today, per schedule.


Run: 30-min Run. (Scheduled: 45-60 min spin w/ surges)

Was scheduled to spin. Since I wasn’t able to get my run done on Monday, switched to a run day.

Broke the run into two parts, due to my personal schedule:

  • Alter G treadmill run after physical therapy at 75% body weight = 2.45 mi – 20:00 – 8:09 min/mi pace
  • Midnight run in Central Park = 1.54 mi – 13:35 – 8:49 min/mi pace

Conditions: Outdoor portion = cold!

Fuel: N/A

ShoeSaucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 30-min run
  • Actual = 3.99 mi – 33:35 – 8:25 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits = See above.


Run: 30-min Run.

Was so happy to meet up with Dee in the morning to welcome the new year! Did a slow, easy run on the bridle path and caught up with each other.

Cold and windy, but the time flew in good company.

Longest continuous run since Chicago Marathon. Also, my new Garmin thinks I ran a 5K PR this morning (not by far). But if it insists I ran both a distance and 5K PR on 1/1/14, let’s go ahead and call it the year of PRs!

Conditions: Sun – 27F – felt like 19F – 44% humidity – 6 mph winds

Fuel: N/A

ShoeSaucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 30-min run
  • Actual = 3.95 mi – 36.02 – 9:07 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits = (1) 9:20; (2) 9:11; (3) 8:57; (4) 8:32


Rest Day.


Rest Day. (Scheduled: 30-min run)


Cross-train: 45-60 min Spin.

Run: 30-min Run with Surges.

Made this a double workout for the missed run on Friday. 

Kept the spin session easy – lower resistance, higher leg turnover (100+ rpm cadence). Followed with 30-min easy on the treadmill. To cover the surges during my run, I followed a pre-programmed treadmill course with rotating elevation profiles.

Feeling fine – pain-free, no soreness next day.

Conditions: N/A

Fuel: Protein-enhanced Chocolate UCAN (1 packet)

Shoe: Shimano Cycling Shoe and Saucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

Spin –

  • Plan = 45-60 min easy spin
  • Actual = 13.00 mi – 45:00

Run –

  • Plan = 30 min run with surges
  • Actual = 3.55 mi – 30:00 – 8:27 min/mi avg pace


Rest Day.

Weekly Totals

  •   2 hrs 24 mins
  •   11.49 miles running

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