Return To Running: Week Six

2014-01-13 14.23.09-1

Week six was a milestone week, post-injury, for two reasons: 1) return of the tempo run (hooray!); and 2) first back-to-back runs since October ’13 (huzzah!). Feeling good, moving forward, getting stronger and going longer.


Run: Tempo.

First attempt at a gentle tempo run. Coach said one mile no faster than 7:30 pace. Ran on the bridle path and took advantage of the gorgeous, mild weather.

Felt great. Had to hold back to stay on-target with pace.

Conditions: Partly Cloudy – 49F – feels like 45F – 61% humidity – 8 mph winds

Fuel: Protein-enhanced Chocolate UCAN (1 packet)

ShoeSaucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 15 min wu; 1 mi @ 7:30; 10-15 min cd
  • Actual = 4.25 mi – 35:15 – 8:06 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits =
    • (wu) 1.81 mi – 14:59 – 8:16 min/mi avg pace
    • (1) 1.00 mi – 7:27 min/mi
    • (cd) 1.55 mi – 12:46 – 8:14 min/mi avg pace


Run: Easy.

First back-to-back run since Oct ’13. Took advantage of the mild weather again and hit the bridle path for an easy 30-ish minute run. Felt good and no noticeable pain or concern about having two runs in a row, post-injury.

Again, nice negative split. Always makes me happy to see that.

Conditions: Conditions = Light rain – 48F – feels like 44F – 86% humidity – 5 mph winds

Fuel: Protein-enhanced Chocolate UCAN (1 packet)

ShoeSaucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 30 min easy
  • Actual = 3.36 mi – 27:37 – 8:13 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits =
    • (1) 8:22
    • (2) 8:13
    • (3) 8:08
    • (4) 8:01 for .36 mi


Cross-train: Spin.

Was crunched for time, so got on the bike and did 40 out of 45 minutes on my schedule.

Easy pace, especially since this was after physical therapy. Shakeout for the legs and keep cadence at 105-ish rpm.

Conditions: N/A

Fuel: Protein-enhanced Chocolate UCAN (1 packet)

Shoe: Shimano Cycling Shoe

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 45 min easy
  • Actual = 9.44 mi – 40 min


Rest Day.


Run: Easy.

Ran on the Alter G for 35 min before my physical therapy session. Did 75% body weight and 8:06 pace. Then jumped on the regular treadmill for the remaining 10 minutes of my workout after PT, same pace.

Conditions: N/A

Fuel: Protein-enhanced Chocolate UCAN (1 packet)

ShoeSaucony Ride 6

Plan v Actual:

  • Plan = 45 min easy
  • Actual = 5.56 mi – 45:00 – 8:06 min/mi pace


Rest Day.


Rest Day. (Scheduled: 45-min spin.)

Was slated to spin, but personal schedule took over. Became a rest day instead.

Weekly Totals

  •   2 hrs 32 mins
  •   13.17 miles running

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2 Comments on “Return To Running: Week Six”

  1. Great week! It seems like you haven’t lost much speed ! Your easy pace is still really fast! I bet once you start really building mileage you’re going to see even more gains!

    • I hope so! I feel pretty good – though definitely need to work on endurance again. But happy to see pace falling back into place quicker than I expected! Am looking forward to building mileage again, that’s for sure! x

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