Return To Running: Week Eleven

2014-02-21 14.03.38-2

Week eleven was one of utter heartbreak. I lost a family member to cancer early Tuesday morning. The week consisted of emergency travel on Monday for what turned out to be quiet and unexpected goodbyes; and the aftermath of learning to cope with acute loss. Though exhausted, I ran to clear my head.






Run: Easy.

Four treadmill miles. It was all I had energy for, but needed to run.

Conditions: N/A

Fuel: N/A

ShoeSaucony Mirage 3

Plan v Actual:

  • Actual = 4.00 mi – 32:51 – 8:13 min/mi




Run: Easy.

Ran just to run in the city, before heading back to family for the weekend.

Incredibly foggy Central Park matched my mood. Negative split.

Conditions: Fog – 42 F – feels like 35F – 82% humidity – 12 mph winds

Fuel: N/A

ShoeSaucony Ride 5

Plan v Actual:

  • Actual = 5.41 mi – 43:48 – 8:06 min/mi
  • Splits (1) 9:15; (2) 8:03; (3) 7:54; (4) 7:47; (5) 7:45; (6) 7:24 for .41 mi





Weekly Totals

  •   1 hrs 16 mins
  •   9.41 miles running

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