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NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Week five went very well. Made it to spin and yoga, so training feels a bit more balanced. Solid running made training paces feel like they’re coming together. Speed work is finally feeling more manageable; oddly enough, it’s from running intervals on the treadmill. Have to go with what works. Keeping close eye on some […]

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 4

Week four introduced the first of five (5!!!) scheduled 20-milers, according to Run Less Run Faster. A hectic schedule, including weekend travel, meant I couldn’t attend spin class; also, rearranged my long and tempo runs. Body is actually feeling good and cooperating with the increasing mileage. Happy to report no noticeable soreness in legs the […]

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 3

Week three was the highest total mileage I’ve run in nearly 12-13 weeks. Body’s worked through some kinks, but overall legs are holding up. First time trying an advanced marathon plan, which means long runs are hitting major mileage early on. Monday: Reverse ladder intervals. Moved this session up a day. Incorporated workout while assisting […]

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