NYC Marathon Training: Week 8

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Week eight was a decent training week despite contending with the humidity. Ready for cooler, drier running weather. Happy with both tempo and long runs. Next Sunday (Sep 16) is the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon. Will be running this as a tune up race for NYC Marathon. To accommodate the race, am shifting a few long run workouts around. Ran 20 miles this week instead of the scheduled 18-miler. Next weekend is the half marathon; weekend after Philly is the NYRR 18-mile Tune Up. Works out quite nicely, schedule-wise.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Intervals. Although I worked hard, pace was sluggish. 96% humidity didn’t help; was a soupy, damp mess to run in. Bit disappointed to see such disparity in pace despite the effort. Happy to have plowed through the workout though.

  • Total =  7.62  mi – 1:03:05 – 8:16 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 2 x [(6 x 400m @ 6:38 min/mi) (90 sec RI)] (2:30 RI between sets)
  • Actual repeats = (1) 6:50; (2) 6:56; (3) 6:54; (4) 6:59; (5) 7:03; (6) 6:40; (7) 6:56; (8) 7:01; (9) 6:40; (10) 6:53; (11) 6:45; (12) 6:43

Wednesday: Form review. First day assisting at a Chi Running class training people for the NYC Marathon. Spent evening doing form review; had mine re-evaluated, as well. Always interesting what you can relearn.

Thursday: Tempo run. Was a hard run after a long, busy day. Definitely happy getting this close to, and then exceeding goal pace. It was a push with the humidity. Quads and piriformis are feeling tight. Seems I’m due for a deep tissue massage as foam rolling and stretching is only doing so much right now.

  • Total = 6.01 mi – 48:33 – 8:06 min/mi avg pace (plus extra .50 mi cool down @ 8:57 min/mi pace)
  • Plan = 3 mi @ 7:35 min/mi
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:37; (2) 7:42; (3) 7:31

Friday: Rest day. Epsom salt soak and foam rolling.

Saturday: Long run. Comfortable long run that included two bridges (Manhattan & Brooklyn). Legs felt great entire time. Quads and piriformis weren’t bothersome at all. Pace was a tad fast, but controlled and comfortable. Watched storm roll in over the city, which was incredible to see. Caught in pouring rain in last 1.5mi of run.

  • Total = 20.01 mi – 2:53:10 – 8:42 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 20 mi @ 8:53 min/mi
  • Actual = 20.01 mi @ 8:42 min/mi

Sunday: Cross-training. Spin for 45 minutes.

Total weekly mileage:  34.14 miles

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1 Comments on “NYC Marathon Training: Week 8”

  1. wow, even though you have to rearrange your sched a bit… those races fall into place VERY VERY nicely! you are absolutely going to dominate the 1/2 in philly! i haven’t been to philly since i was about 12… but i actually really enjoy PA as a state. (random)

    sorry to hear about the tight quads & piriformis. my physical therapist is having me use an actual kitchen rolling pin on my quads, tennis or softball to roll out the piriformis. also that the foam roller works best on IT bands. just thought i might pass that along!

    nice work on the tempo & long run!!!!

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