NYC Marathon Training: Week 9

Week nine was basically a mini-taper in preparation for the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon. The half marathon was meant to be used as a tune-up race to assess how full marathon training is progressing. The race went very well and I wound up running a PR! It felt good to replace speed and tempo workouts with easier runs. Nice break for the legs. And it showed on race day. Back to regularly-scheduled training this coming week.

Monday: Rest day. Deep tissue massage to address piriformis and quad tightness in preparation for Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

Tuesday: Marathon pace run. Replaced interval session with marathon-paced run of same total mileage. Day after a massage, the run felt like a shock to the body. Everything loosened up after first two miles.

  • Total =   7.05 mi – 57:49 – 8:13 min/mi avg pace
  • Plan = 7 mi @ 8:23 min/mi
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:23; (2) 8:12; (3) 8:11; (4) 8:19; (5) 8:11; (6) 8:06; (7) 8:00

Wednesday: Cross-training. Spin for 45 minutes. Great class with Emily. Some tough hills and doubled up on weights during arm series, finally!

Chi Running marathon prep class. Co-teaching this class every Wednesday until the NYC Marathon. Session focused on proper posture, forward lean, and cadence. I run with the class so I’ll log it as an easy extra workout.

Thursday: Easy run. Replaced tempo run with easy run of same mileage. Ran without Garmin, so no time information. Kept pace relaxed, but admit these “easy” runs always feel hardest. Was achy until I finally dropped pace toward the end due to time constraint. Then my body felt happy!

  • Total =  6 mi – Un-timed.
  • Plan = 6 mi @ easy pace

Friday: Rest day. A lot of walking around Philadelphia kept the legs loose.

Saturday: Rest day. More walking around Philadelphia.

Sunday: Race. Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Stay race recap here!

  • Total = 13.42 – 1:45:03 – 7:48 min/mi

Total weekly mileage: 26.47 miles

See all weekly training recaps here.


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