Post-Marathon/Injury Recovery: Week Four

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week four was a somewhat easy week, workout-wise. The good news is my right foot is feeling great and continues to be pain-free. Walking is back to normal, as is getting up and down the stairs. Feels as if nothing happened a few weeks ago. Finally made it back to yoga class, which was fantastic. And, although I don’t love using the elliptical machine, was nice to hop on there and not experience any foot pain.

Joined a new gym and met with a personal trainer.  Will be working with her moving forward. She suggested incorporating more strength and weight training into my workout schedule. The idea is to train the core and glutes to take on more of the work load when I’m able to run again. Right now, I’m too quad-depenedent.

Return to the doctor this coming Wednesday for an X-ray and prognosis of when I may be able to return to running.

Monday: Stationary bike. Interval spin session on bike for 15.2 miles in 46 minutes. Included: seated flats; seated climbs; standing climbs; jumps; and standing run. Moderate to hard resistance. First spin session putting pressure back on my right foot. No pain!

Core session. Worked on abs, glutes, and legs for 30 minutes.

Tuesday: Rest day. 

Wednesday: Personal trainer session. Met with personal trainer for a 60-minute trial session. Strength training circuit workout using own body weight and weight machine focusing on core and glutes. She suggested I incorporate more strength/weight training to build muscle mass. A lot of one-legged exercises.

Elliptical warmup; bench step-ups coming down into lunge; pushups; planks; plank to pushup; variation of one-legged squats; weight machine for core, back, and triceps; standing side leg lifts while balancing on bench; foam rolling cool down.

Thursday: Elliptical. Short cardio session for 2.1 miles in 45 mins. Sore after Wednesday’s trainer session.

Deep Water Running. Forty-five minute class forms; cadence drills; 5-minute run, 4-minute run, and 3-minute run with various forms; and sprints.

Friday: Elliptical. Hill intervals for 1.92 miles in 35 minutes. Didn’t have much time for a workout today but wanted to a short session in.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: Hatha Yoga. An hour session of gentle yoga. Perfect for today as I haven’t been to yoga for some time. Felt good to stretch.

Weekly Totals: 5 hrs 21 mins; 15.2 miles on stationary bike; 4.02 miles on elliptical

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