Post-Marathon/Injury Recovery: Week Five


Week five was a good week. Was my first official week with the personal trainer; and I received clearance to re-introduce running into my workouts! I’m enjoying the trainer sessions as she has me doing more strength and weight training. The workouts are tough but they’re the path to faster and healthier running.

My first post-injury run was on the treadmill so the trainer could perform a gait analysis. She suggested moving from a stability shoe into a neutral model. Visited Jack Rabbit, where a second gait analysis confirmed: I’m no longer over-pronating. Am trying Saucony Ride 5, which has a lower heel-to-toe profile than the Brooks Adrenalines I’d been wearing. The goal is to eventually transition to something like the Saucony Kinvara 3, which is even flatter.

The path to Boston via Eugene Marathon‘s suddenly looking a lot clearer.

Monday: Elliptical. Strength training intervals for 1.27 miles in 30 minutes. Quick workout pre-yoga class. Cardio resistance = 30, strength training resistance = 75.

Vinyasa Yoga. “Slow Flow Yoga” for one hour. Series of intense poses focused on hips and back. Instructor pegged me as a runner, which means my flexibility is sorely lacking.

Tuesday: Personal Trainer Session. One-hour session focused on legs and core. Workout highlighted how my muscles are over-tight and underworked. If I was on track for a 3:35 marathon until injury struck, what will I be capable of with proper cross-training? It’s highly motivating to find out.

Workout included: 

  • Leg press machine – both legs & single leg to engage glutes; toes to work calf muscles.
  • Dynamic stretches for hips and hamstrings – forward standing bend, walk hands forward to plank, right foot up to hand & back, repeat left side, resume plank, walk feet to hands to resume standing forward bend. Across floor & back.
  • Sideways walking plank – plank, swing leg out to side, walk hands over, bring other leg over, resume plank. Across floor & back.
  • Hamstring/lunge work – kick foot to butt, extend leg forward (mechanical motion) into lunge. Across floor & back.
  • One-legged squats.
  • Foam roll.

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Personal Trainer Session. Seventy-five minute session, including gait analysis on treadmill. My first run post-injury! Felt creaky to run and form was way off after four weeks of no running. Session focused on fast twitch muscles, and engaging core/glutes.

Workout included:

  • Foam roll.
  • Treadmill – flat for gait analysis; 9.5 elevation to engage core/glutes; barefoot to observe natural foot strike.
  • Hamstring/lunge work – kick foot to butt, extend leg forward (mechanical motion) in to lunge. Across floor & back.
  • Fast twitch muscle drill – running butt kicks backward, quickly.
  • Fast twitch muscle drill – from a prone position on floor, jump to starting block position, high knee sprint.
  • Power sled – 70 lbs on frame; engage all muscles to push sled back & forth across studio x3.
  • Power sled – 120 lbs total on frame; back & forth across studio x3.
  • Foam roll.
  • Dynamic stretches for hamstrings and hips.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Vinyasa yoga for 75 minutes. More vigorous session with some difficult poses and challenging sequences. Crowded class.

Run. Short, easy road run to test foot. First run in Saucony Ride 5’s. Felt good, no foot pain. Muscle needs to adjust to doing work again. Can’t imagine what this would’ve felt like if I’d done no exercise while recovering.

Actual: 2.01 mi – 17:17 – 8:36 min/mi avg pace.

Sunday: Volunteer at NYC Runs 5k & 10k. Not necessarily an active workout, but five hours on my feet. So not quite a rest day, either.

Weekly Totals:

  • 5 hrs 17 mins
  • 1.27 miles on elliptical
  • 2.01 miles running.

See all weekly workout recaps here.


4 Comments on “Post-Marathon/Injury Recovery: Week Five”

    • Thanks, Courtney! Your continued support always makes me smile! 🙂 Crazy to think a few weeks ago I was running 26.2 miles, and now I’m elated to run 3. I’m really enjoying working with the trainer. She kicks my butt and makes me work hard – my favorite part of it all!

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