Eugene Marathon Base Building: Week One

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week one of base building for Eugene Marathon! Am enjoying working with a personal trainer to help build muscle mass and work areas that’ll help balance out running form. Running is feeling less rusty each time I go. Am careful to assess how I’m feeling with each run. This week saw my highest mileage since Pensacola Marathon and injury. Feels good to start building back up carefully and slowly.

Monday: Run. Treadmill run and second run in Saucony Ride 5. I like them. Few minutes warmup, with majority of run at 8:30-8:20 pace at 1.5-2.0 incline.

  • 3.34 mi – 30:00 – 8:58 min/mi avg pace

Vinyasa Yoga. “Slow Flow Yoga” for 60 minutes. Class began with a relatively easy sequence and progressively got more challenging.

Tuesday: Iyengar Yoga for 75 minutes. Liked this class much better than Vinyasa yoga. It closely resembles the yoga I was practicing at an outside studio. Poses were held longer, concentrating on correct posture. Challenging class that built on basic concepts of balance and hugging the midline with the legs. Poses advanced, incorporating all concepts presented. Loved trying out handstand and crow pose again! Been a while.

Run. Slow outdoor run taking advantage of 52 degrees and sunny weather in mid-December. Legs felt a bit looser. Foot muscles were more relaxed.

  • 3.01 mi – 26:32 – 8:48 min/mi avg pace

Wednesday: Rest day.

Thursday: Spin class at Soul Cycle for 45 minutes. Went to 6:15 am class. Fun to be back (haven’t been since before marathon taper). Was a bit disappointed class didn’t feature any hill work and/or higher resistance.

Run. Chilly, windy evening run. Focused on form (relaxed shoulders, engaged core, forward lean, engaged glutes) and was happy to see pace increased without extra effort. Enjoying running in Saucony Ride 5s.

  • 4.01 mi – 33:43 – 8:24 min/mi avg pace

Friday: Personal Trainer Session. Back and shoulders weights session.

  • Foam roll
  • Treadmill run for warmup. 5 mins
  • Softball trigger point on glutes & hamstrings
  • Single leg presses on weight machine. 3 x 8 each leg.
  • Calf presses on weight machine. 3 x 15
  • Plank. 2 mins
  • Lat Pulldowns w/ increasing weight. 3 x 12
  • Row machine, both arms. 2 x 12
  • Row machine, alternating arms while squatting. 2 x 12
  • Row machine, laying down while holding and releasing hands-to-knee crunches. 2 x 8
  • Free weights on yoga ball, 5 lb dumbbells: (2 sets each)
  • Quick, forward presses (heartbeat) out from chest & back. 40 secs
  • Shoulder presses. 40 secs
  • Lat raises. 40 secs
  • Stretching

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: Run. Longest run since Pensacola Marathon & post-injury. Slow, easy run with Jess around the lower loop of park, onto bridle path, and back to lower loop. Felt good to get a longer run in. Body felt fine. Lungs adjusting to winter running.

  • 8.01 mi – 1:11:46 – 8:57 min/mi avg pace

Weekly Totals:

  •  6 hrs 42 mins
  •  18.37 miles running.

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3 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Base Building: Week One”

  1. Great training week!! I’d say you are “bouncing” back quite nicely!! I know so many people doing Eugene — I may have to come down to cheer you all on!! 😉 Merry Christmas Eve!!

    ps … I love LOVE your Boston bound bracelet! You ARE going to make it there friend!

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