To Lora V…The Girl Who…

Portrait by Sam Smith of Sam Smith Creative

Portrait by Sam Smith of Sam Smith Creative

So began the subject line in a recent email from a dear friend. In its entirety it read, “To Lora V…the girl who never lets the snow stop her.” Attached to the email was this fabulous surprise: the above portrait, illustrated by the incredibly talented (and dare I say beautiful)  Sam Smith, who’s recently launched Sam Smith Creative.

Sam’s cheered me on through every marathon training cycle I’ve done. Wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, unwaveringly. When I saw the way she chose to depict me – in running gear, race bib meticulously pinned (better than I can manage in real life), amongst a bed of snow in Central Park – I just smiled big. This woman knows me well: the runner who won’t be deterred by elements or obstacles.

To Sam, I say thank you for the gift – that of your heartfelt friendship and immense support. And, for the lovely portrait. I adore it!

Her kind, unexpected gesture reminds me to express thanks to those who continuously support my endeavors. To the pillars of encouragement in my life – my family and family of friends (as my brother often says) – “Thank you.”

Runners, we are indeed a fortunate community with the richest of gifts: each other and those who support our efforts to reach further, push harder, and unearth our potential with every mile.


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