Eugene Marathon Training: Week Two

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week two was marked by especially frigid temps. Still, enjoyed all my outdoor runs this week. Training is ramping up in intensity, which makes me happy. Logged longest run since November injury and am thankful to feel my endurance still intact. Working on slowing down pace on long and easy runs, which is my biggest struggle. My tendency is to speed off on fresh legs. Invoking patience…

Used my heart rate monitor for first time in quite a while on Sunday’s long run. However, seems I need to head to the treadmill for a max heart rate test. Per Garmin’s standard formula, I was hitting 88-98% of my max on the long run. Which doesn’t reflect how I felt, running  at conversational pace with even breathing. Suspect my max heart rate’s higher than the formula indicates. TBD.

Monday: Spin for 45 minutes. Scheduled for yoga but needed to use last pre-paid Soul Cycle class before expiration. Fun class at new NoHo studio. Liked the instructor (“String”) who varied the pace of class nicely.

While class was good, will be taking a much-needed break from spin this training cycle, with more focus on strength training.

Tuesday: Run. Switched Thursday’s easy run to Tuesday because of schedule issues. Was out for a 6am run with a friend. Temp was in low 20s with wind chill of 9 degrees F. Didn’t feel nearly as bad as expected, but thankful for hand warmers in gloves.

Admittedly over-paced this run. Was supposed to stick with an “easy” effort. While the pace did feel comfortable, I probably should have slowed this one down a bit.

  • Plan = 7 mi @ easy pace (9:00 min/mi-range)
  • Actual = 7.13 mi – 59:31 – 8:20 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits = (1) 8:37; (2) 8:22; (3) 8:17; (4) 8:27; (5) 8:22; (6) 8:14; (7) 8:22

Wednesday: Strength Training for 30 minutes with personal trainer. Biomechanics assessment where some muscle imbalances were identified. Most notably weakness in hips, hamstrings, and glutes. Also, over-tight back muscles are affecting arm range-of-motion. All culprits contributing to lack of flexibility.

Circuit workout included:

  • squats
  • single-leg squats
  • pushups
  • planks
  • static bird dog
  • oblique bird dog
  • plank with side leg reaches
  • plyometrics long jumps
  • burpees
  • cross-lateral side-steps (like mimicking a speed skater)

Thursday: Hill Repeats. Moved Tuesday hill repeats to Thursday. Another cold day with weather reports saying it felt like 3 degrees F. But it was sunny and calm, which helped.

Workout incorporated skipping drills on flat and uphill surfaces, 3 x 50 yds each, focusing on swinging knees straight and forward, swinging elbows back, pushing off slightly with feet, and keeping hands relaxed. Focused on forward movements.

Six hill repeats with relatively even splits (mid-7:30s with last at 7:10) on Cat Hill.

  • Plan = 2 mi warmup; skipping form drills; 6 x 2 min hill repeats; 1 mi cool down
  • Actual = 5 mi – 41:57 – 8:23 min/mi avg pace

Friday: TRX for 60 minutes. Strength training circuit consisting of:

  • Step ups, using chair, with high knee into reverse lunge, (12×2) each leg
  • Single leg squats using chair, (12×2) each leg
  • Pushups, (12×2)
  • TRX squats, (12×2)
  • TRX squats w/ jump, (12×2)
  • TRX hamstring curls, hips up, (12×2)
  • TRX low row, (20×2)
  • TRX low row, single arm, (20×2) each arm
  • TRX T deltoid fly, (12)
  • TRX standing rollout, (12×2)
  • TRX kneeling rollout, (12×2)
  • TRX crunches on hands, (20×2)
  • Oblique bird dog, (12×2) each side

Saturday: Rest Day.

Sunday: Run. Used the NYRR Manhattan Half Marathon as long training run. Temps reported as feeling like 10 degrees. But, was a beautiful sunny morning. Once moving, felt great for running. Ran with friends, which helped me keep pace in check. Maintained even effort throughout, even on hills. Was able to drop pace to sub-8:00 in last mile, which made me happy. Only recorded 13.29 mi on my Garmin, but jogged to bag drop and start line, which I believe makes up the difference in distance.

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced chocolate UCAN, which meant there was no need to refuel during the run. Even energy.

  • Plan = 14 mi @ easy pace (9:00 min/mi-range)
  • Actual = 13.29 (on Garmin) – 1:57:15 – 8:49 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits = (1) 9:00; (2) 8:44; (3) 8:41; (4) 9:00; (5) 8:57; (6) 8:54; (7) 8:47; (8) 8:57; (9) 9:12; (10) 9:11; (11) 8:59; (12) 8:47; (13) 7:52; (14) 7:32 (for .29 mi)

Weekly Totals:

  •   5 hrs 53 mins
  •   26.13 miles running

See all weekly workout recaps here.


4 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Two”

  1. awesome training week!! I hate those damn heart rate thingys … mine always reads crazy high while running. I need to break it out tho as ironman training is ALL about heart rate zones. geesh….. I’m kinda waiting for my coach to notice. haha! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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