Eugene Marathon Training: Week Four


Week four was a good, solid workout week. Moved my rest day to Friday due to incoming snow and a schedule conflict. Also moved my weekend run to Saturday to run with visiting friends. like allowing some flexibility in schedule as long as I’m still hitting my workouts. I admit, I’m feeling ready to start increasing mileage. Looking forward to seeing what Mike has on my schedule for March.

Monday: DMF for 60 minutes. DMF is Dance Motivation Fitness, a dance-based workout that includes cardio and bodyweight exercises. Tried this class at the Upper West Side Athleta. Loved Lindi’s enthusiasm leading class! So much fun, with choreographed routines to popular music (MC Hammer!). Worked up quite a sweat, and like how Lindi disguises lots of squats as killer dance moves.

Tuesday: Run. Marathon-paced tempo run along a cold, grey Hudson. Relaxed my form and let myself go. Time constraint also meant I picked the pace up a bit.

Tailwind for first half, freezing headwind second half.

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 2 mi w/u; 4 mi @ 8:10 (MP); 1 mi c/d
  • Actual = 7.0o mi – 56:38 – 8:05 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:12; (2) 8:08; (3) 8:02; (4) 7:55; (5) 8:01; (6) 7:53; (8) 8:23

Wednesday: Strength Training for 60 minutes. Personal trainer session focused on glute activation/backside mechanics. The word glute’s becoming part of my everyday training vocabulary. Fantastic workout.

Dynamic warmup

  • Walking high knees (x 1 across studio)
  • Walking butt kicks (x 1 across studio)
  • “Frankenstein walk” (straight leg kick w/ opposite arm touch) (x 1 across studio)
  • Walking lunges (x 2 across studio)
  • Skipping for speed (x 1 across studio)
  • Skipping for distance (x 1 across studio)
  • Skipping for height (x 1 across studio)
  • Forward sprints (x 3 across studio)
  • Backward sprints (x 3 across studio)

Circuit 1: (x 3)

  • Wide leg squats (20)
  • Burpees (10)
  • Plank to push-up (5)
  • Mountain climbers (25)
  • Bridge (30 sec)

Circuit 2: (x3)

Circuit 3: (x3)

  • Hamstring curls with exercise ball (10)
  • Reverse crunches with hip raise (10)
  • Atomic crunches (15)


Thursday: Run. Easy 9-miler along the water. Cold and windy, but good run to clear my head. Form was comfortable. No soreness after previous day’s trainer session. Stretched hips mid-run and felt fine.

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 9 mi @ 9:00 min/mi range
  • Actual = 9.01 mi – 1:16:42 – 8:30 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:35; (2) 8:50; (3) 8:27; (4) 8:36; (5) 8:27; (6) 8:23; (7) 8:33; (8) 8:21; (9) 8:23

Friday: Rest Day.

Saturday: Run. An “off” week in terms of long runs. Only scheduled for 8 miles. Came on the heels of an anticipated blizzard. NYC wasn’t hit nearly as hard as expected – maybe 10″ in accumulation. The park drive was relatively clear. A bit slick with ice in spots, but was quickly melting during the run. One full counter-clockwise loop plus one lower loop. Surprisingly, Harlem Hill was the clearest part of the drive!

Gorgeous day, not that cold, (tho a bit windy in spots). Beautiful!

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 8 mi @ 9:00 min/mi
  • Actual = 8.6 mi – 1:16:01 – 8:49 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual Splits = (1) 9:33; (2) 8:55; (3) 8:45; (4) 8:36; (5) 8;45; (6) 8:38; (7) 8:58; (8) 8:42; (9) 8:37 (for .6o mi)

Sunday: Vinyasa Yoga for 75 minutes. Been a while since I’ve been in yoga class. Nice to return, missed it!

Weekly Totals:

  •   6 hrs 44 mins
  •   24.61 miles running

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3 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Four

  1. Great week and way to work the runs in with friends in town, that is always difficult but I imagine more difficult since NYC has so much more to see than my hood.

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