Eugene Marathon Training: Week Seven

Ring by Erica Sara DesignsPhoto license: © All rights reserved

Ring by Erica Sara Designs
Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week seven was one heck of a workout week. Despite a hectic personal schedule, I managed to keep my workouts on-target. Unfortunately had to miss a strength training session, but caught a body sculpting class in its stead. Had some fantastic runs this week. Body’s feeling strong, which my long run confirmed. Capped the week off with a 5K race for fun. Managed a PR, but still haven’t pushed my potential at this distance. Saving that for another time when not in the midst of marathon training. In summary, it was a badass training week!

Monday: Foam Roll and Stretch for 30 minutes. 

Tuesday: Run. Lovely sunrise tempo run in the park. 35F and clear meant perfect running weather. Plan was goal marathon pace (GMP) tempo (8:10 min/mi) with 2 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down. Felt so good, though, I let myself fall into rhythm and went with it.

Also, Kinvaras are quickly becoming my favorite running shoes. So, so comfortable!

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 2 mi w/u; 5 mi @ 8:10; 1 mi c/d
  • Actual = 8.07 mi – 1:04:01 – 7:55 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:02; (2) 8:00; (3) 7:55; (4) 7:50; (5) 7:53; (6) 7:41; (7) 8:06; (8) 7:54

Wednesday: TRX for 60 minutes. Had to swap out strength training for TRX this week. Sleepy evening circuit, but got it done.

Circuit: (x2)

  • Step ups using chair, with high knee into reverse lunge, (x20) each leg
  • Single leg squats using chair, (x20) each leg
  • Pushups, (x15)
  • TRX squats, (x30)
  • Toe touches with glute and hamstring extensions, (x15) each leg
  • TRX low row, deep angle, narrow stance, (x25)
  • TRX low row, single arm, deep angle, narrow stance, (x20) each arm
  • TRX Chest Press, wide Stance, (x20)
  • TRX standing rollout, (x20)
  • TRX kneeling rollout, (x20)
  • TRX crunches on hands, (x20)
  • TRX pikes, (x5)
  • Oblique bird dog, (x20) each side
  • Frankenstein walk, (x10)

Thursday: Run. Another early morning run. Mild temp (45F) with a little on-and-off drizzle. Ran a bit on the street and then moved to bridle path. Took off too fast for an easy run; but settled into a good pace. Stopped to stretch part way through – little tightness from last night’s TRX session.

Ran in my Ride 5s and they’re starting to feel too cushiony. Notice it most during to toe off. Wondering if it’s time to start slowly transitioning some higher mileage in the Kinvaras. Have run up to 8mi tempo in them with no discomfort.

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 8 mi easy
  • Actual = 8.01 – 1:04:40 – 8:04 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 7:39; (2) 8:04; (3) 8:10; (4) 8:01; (5) 8:11; (6) 8:13; (7) 8:07; (8) 8:12

Cross-Training for 60 minutes. Second workout of the day – Body Conceptions by Mahri Cardio Sculpt. This session incorporated cardio and body sculpting. Focus on abs, legs, core, and backside. My muscles were on fire in the best possible way.

Friday: Rest Day.

Saturday: Run. Long run with Jess, Ashley, and Fiona. Basically ran the perimeter of half Manhattan. Started in Central Park, down Hudson River path, around southern tip of the island, up along East River and along York Ave, ending at NYRR to pick up my Coogan’s 5K bib.

Schedule called for 16 miles: eight miles easy, 4 x 10 minute efforts at goal marathon pace (8:10 min/mi) with two-minute rest intervals; two miles easy. Used Garmin intervals feature to set up this workout. Means for the first 8 and last 2 miles, I only have average pace instead of individual splits.

Running under FDR overpass and bridges along East River meant massive satellite interference. Pace showed anything from 5 min/mi to slower than 9 min/mi. Take recorded interval paces with a grain of salt. Effort seemed consistent with upper 7’s to 8:15 min/mi.

Weather was seriously inconsistent – from sun to clouds, warm to cold, wind, snow flurries – all in two hours.

Body felt fantastic on this run. Good energy throughout; ended feeling like I could run a few more miles.

Overall, this run was a welcome confidence booster.

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 16 mi = 8 mi easy; 4 x 10 min GMP (8:10) w/ 2 min RI; 2 mi easy
  • Actual = 16.36 mi – 2:18:50 – 8:29 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits =
    • 8 mi @ 8:45 min/mi avg pace
    • (Interval 1) = 1.15 mi @ 8:42 min/mi (incorrect)
    • (Interval 2) = 1.35 mi @ 7:24 min/mi (possibly?)
    • (Interval 3) = 1.21 mi @ 8:16 min/mi
    • (Interval 4) = 1.21 mi @ 8:14 min/mi (on sidewalks near UN & 1st Ave)
    • 2.43 mi @ 8:29 min/mi avg pace

Sunday: Race. NYRR Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K. Don’t ask why I registered for a 5K following a long run! Fun race, especially seeing  Meggie before and after.

Ran a 5K PR by 1:39, coming in top 5% age group and top 8% overall females. Shaved 17-seconds off my fastest recorded NYRR pace (for any race over three miles).

Was an interesting course that kept me on my feet – constant rolling hills with a downhill finish. But, after Saturday’s long run with GMP tempo, I wasn’t in any shape to push my limits in this race. Will save that for another time on fresh legs.

  • Garmin stats = 3.15 mi – 23:19 – 7:24 min/mi avg pace
  • Splits = (1) 7:31; (2) 7:32; (3) 7:17; (4) 6:27 for .15 mi
  • NYRR official results = 3.1 mi – 23:18 – 7:31 min/mi avg pace

Weekly Totals:

  •   7 hrs 20 mins
  •    35.59 miles running

See all weekly workout recaps here.


12 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Seven”

  1. I meant what I said on Facebook, productive beast! (loving the Kinvaras eh? Easily my favorite shoe out there. Excited to try the 4s in May1)

  2. Ughhh…Kinvara’s. I worked them into my training routine for my shorter runs during marathon training in the summer and loved them. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to do long runs in them but I gradually increased the distance and I am psyched on them for long distance runs now. I recently PR’ed at a half marathon wearing my Kinvara’s and I don’t think I will wear another shoe on race day anytime soon. Once marathon training is done, you are going to CRUSH a 5K. Nice week!

  3. I wore the Kinvara 2’s while training for and during my 2nd marathon. I really liked enjoyed them! I’m so curious about the 3’s! I love that every time I come to your blog it’s always to read about another great week of training! I’m over the moon excited to see what you can do in Eugene. Congrats on the 5k PR too! Especially while training for a marathon!

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