Eugene Marathon Training: Week Nine

Kim Smith - NYC Half MarathonPhoto license: © All rights reserved

Kim Smith – NYC Half Marathon
Photo license: © All rights reserved

Week nine was a bit opposite of last week in that there were less workouts. Where week eight contained extra workouts, this week was sparse. I was unable to get my strength training session scheduled due to schedule conflicts on both sides. However, the time off to recharge was needed after a busy week prior. Work also filled some of those days with “active rest.” Wednesday, I walked four miles doing research; and Saturday I was on my feet for seven hours working the NYC Half Marathon expo with Generation UCAN. Both great outings. The runs themselves went well this week. The 18-miler was challenging in a good way. I also spent Sunday morning cheering at the NYC Half Marathon, which was excellent fun! Again, more time on my feet. But, it certainly fueled my evening run with thoughts of everyone who raced.

Monday: Run. Moved hill workout up one day. Basically ran this after a late night out. Run itself felt surprisingly good. Plan called for a 6-mile park loop, running easy the majority of the route and pushing up each hill with high knees and swinging elbows. Followed by a one-mile cool down. Felt comfortable on the hills and was able to push the pace on those segments.

Ran in a tank, shorts, and gloves which made me ecstatic!

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 6 mi clockwise loop, pushing up each hill; 1 mi cool down
  • Actual = 6.98 mi – 57:19 – 8:12 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:16; (2) 8:01; (3) 8:05; (4) 8:12; (5) 8:25; (6) 8:09; (7) 8:19

Tuesday: Rest Day. Spent morning walking around MJSA jewelry expo. Several hours on feet.

Wednesday: Walking. Needed to be out and about doing research for work. Morning and afternoon consisted of a 4mi walk through midtown and back home.

Thursday: Rest Day.

Friday: Run. Moved long run up due to busy weekend schedule. Thankful Jess also moved her long run, and that our mileage matched. Great to have her company!

Started this run feeling like the Tin Man. Legs were tight and stiff. I’m due for a massage, I think. We did a clockwise park loop. Between ridiculous wind and hills, it wasn’t feeling great. After one loop, decided to head to west side highway.

Felt much better once we hit the highway. Was easier to get into a steady pace. So cold, but then the wind completely died down on return trip and it warmed up. Odd weather.

Kept reminding ourselves to slow down. Aside from that, we were relatively even paced with a nice drop in the last 4 miles.

Finished this run feeling much better than when we started. Always encouraging. Jess definitely helped me push through!

Fueled with two packets of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 18 mi easy
  • Actual = 18.04 mi – 2:34:02 – 8:32 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:26; (2) 8:29; (3) 8:30; (4) 8:28; (5) 8:34; (6) 8:29; (7) 8:55; (8) 8:59; (9) 8:37; (10) 8:34; (11) 8:30; (12) 8:29; (13) 8:40; (14) 8:30; (15) 8:24; (16) 8:25; (17) 8:22; (18) 8:15

Saturday: NYC Half Expo. Worked the Generation UCAN booth from 10AM – 5PM. Was excellent meeting many runners getting ready for the half marathon. Spent the whole time on my feet, which I felt after a while. But, the day had great energy, so no complaints!

Sunday: Run. Spent four hours cheering at the NYC Half Marathon! Loved it! So inspiring.

Up early to move around the course. Came home and napped a bit. Went out for an evening run. Was so amped by everyone posting PRs and awesome finish times that this run was fueled by sheer residual adrenaline.

Comfortable run along bridle path, lower loop, and some city streets.

Fueled with one packet of protein-enhanced UCAN.

  • Plan = 8 mi easy
  • Actual = 8.02 mi – 1:06:16 – 8:15 min/mi avg pace
  • Actual splits = (1) 8:20; (2) 8:13; (3) 8:19; (4) 8:10; (5) 8:17; (6) 8:26; (7) 8:23; (8) 7:55

Weekly Totals:

  •    4 hrs 37 mins
  •    33.04 miles running

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2 Comments on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week Nine”

  1. You know, as a Vet Tech I’m on my feet working about 35-50 hours a week (depending on if I’m on call or if we have any emergencies). I kind of feel like spending time on our feet can benefit our training. It’s just one more opportunity that we aren’t sitting. Sitting too long can really hurt (my) legs/hips. Being on our feet gives a chance to move and walk out any soreness!

    Congrats on another awesome week of training!

    • I get achy when I sit too long, as well. And I’ve started using the stairs as much as possible to help get in a little strength training in small doses 😉 It all adds up, right?

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