NYC Marathon Training: Week 4

Week four introduced the first of five (5!!!) scheduled 20-milers, according to Run Less Run Faster. A hectic schedule, including weekend travel, meant I couldn’t attend spin class; also, rearranged my long and tempo runs. Body is actually feeling good and cooperating with the increasing mileage. Happy to report no noticeable soreness in legs the […]

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 3

Week three was the highest total mileage I’ve run in nearly 12-13 weeks. Body’s worked through some kinks, but overall legs are holding up. First time trying an advanced marathon plan, which means long runs are hitting major mileage early on. Monday: Reverse ladder intervals. Moved this session up a day. Incorporated workout while assisting […]

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 2

Marathon Banner 2011

Week two of training was a bit slower for me. Wacky schedule and achy hip flexor meant I spent more time resting than cross-training. Probably not ideal, but that’s how the week played out. Monday: Rest day. Tuesday: Repeats. Confirmed early morning interval sessions don’t work well for me. Muscles don’t have enough time to […]

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NYC Marathon Training: Week 1

Week one of training went quite well. I’d upped my mileage the preceding week in preparation. My body adjusted to schedule and increased workout intensity. The week is successfully in the books! Monday: One-hour form review/refresher with certified Chi Running instructor. Great opportunity to brush up on proper running form. Finished with 100 V-crunches for […]

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